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Suggestions for Flyaway Antenna Station Applied in News Gathering

Posted by burrows on almost 7 years ago.
The news gathering terminal of flyaway satellite station can quickly establish satellite link in the news site, which realizes real-time report of mobile audio-video news information. After practical application in many important news reports, it has played a vital role and achieved good effect, which realize construction goal basically.
To make news gathering of flyaway satellite station more suitable for news gathering industry, to make it play far important role, the paper puts forward four suggestions as follows:
  Firstly, with the development of new technology, further increase antenna gain or improve systematic transmission power on the basis of keeping portability to meet the requirement of audio transmission with high definition.
Secondly, flyaway satellite news gathering system is convenient for personal shipping. Considering vehicle use, the system adopts transportable way in news site where vehicles can arrive at. Moreover, the system can be disassembled and taken by person to news site when vehicles can not pass some areas. Thus, it reduces repeated construction of transportable station and flyaway station and improves flexible application of the system.
Thirdly, under the premise of guaranteeing use in domestic regions, we should gradually develop flyaway satellite station products appropriate for oversea areas. As first-class modern communication agency, executing globalization strategy has been becoming an inevitable trend.
Lastly, domestic satellite equipment, on par with foreign advanced products in aspects of function and performance, can not stand in aspects of equipment material and product technology. The equipment still needs to improve as soon as possible, especially on such harsh conditions, particularly high temperature, arctic-alpine area and rain-fall.

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